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Discover the incredible range at Griffiths Mowers and Brassall Mowers


Using an edger can truly lift the look of your lawn, giving it a professionally landscaped look (without the price tag). We stock Masport edgers – find out more today!


With our range of hedgers available from Honda, EFCO, Bushranger and Morrison, we have something that is guarantee to make your gardening and landscaping so much easier. Reclaim your Sunday and get the job done faster with a hedger from Brassall Mowers or Griffiths Mowers.


Before you get the shovel out, contact us for information on a tiller. Tillers are designed to save you time and make your job a lot easier – particularly when creating a new garden for flowers or vegetables. We carry Honda tillers.

Leaf Blower

Put down the broom – it is time to get serious and cut your outdoor cleaning timing significantly. A leaf blower is a great way to do a fast and very good job of cleaning up after weather or yardwork. We choose to stock Honda, EFCO and Morrison leaf blowers.

Why choose Brassall Mowers or Griffiths Mowers?

We take the guesswork out of your new equipment. From the moment you walk into our stores, we only show you products that we trust, that last, and that will be suitable for your needs. We demonstrate, test and explain your equipment before you step out the door.
We offer convenience on-site servicing for all of our small motor outdoor equipment – including edgers, hedgers, leaf blowers and tillers. It is recommended that you service your equipment at least every 12 months.

Some of our most popular items at Discounted Prices include: