Efco 137

quality saw with top performance, the 137 is designed for trimming, pruning and small to medium diameter cutting. With professionals in mind — such as those in the arbor and agriculture industry — this saw is light even after lengthy cutting operations, allowing for an excellent power to weight ratio. Vibrations can hamper performance in the field but thanks to the 3 spring and 2 rubberized absorbers, the one-piece handle is isolated and reduces fatigue. Combine these features with a smooth starting system which cuts down on kickback and stress during starting and you’ve got the perfect professional companion.

16″ Guide bar.

Bar scabbard.

  • Bar Length (in): 16
  • Carburettor: Diaphragm type
  • Chain Type: 3/8″ Low Profile
  • Cooling: Air cooled.
  • Cylinder Liner: Nickel
  • Drive System: Centrifugal clutch and sprocket
  • Dry Weight: 4.1 kg (Powerhead only)
  • Engine (cc): 35.2 cc
  • Fuel: Two Stroke
  • Fuel Capacity: 320 ml
  • Fuel Ratio: Two-cycle oil mix 40:1 ratio
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Optional Accessories: Optional accessories available for purchase separately include: • efco® 1 Litre two stroke oil: EFOIL1002 • efco® 5 Litre two stroke oil: EFOIL5002 • efco® 1 Litre bar & chain oil: EFOIL1005 • efco® 4 Litre bar & chain oil: EFOIL4005 • efco® 20 Litre bar & chain oil: EFOIL2005 • efco® Chainsaw case large: EFUEUSP10020 • efco® Chainsaw case small: EFUEUSP10021 • efco® Chainsaw helmet: EFUHELMET • Two stroke mixing bottle: PLP-MIXBOTTLE • Chainsaw chaps – large: PCSCHAPS-L • Chainsaw chaps – medium: PCSCHAPS-M • Chainsaw chaps – small: PCSCHAPS-S • PLP Chainsaw helmet: PCSHELMET
  • Oil Capacity: 220 ml
  • Output: 2.2 hp (1.6 kW)
  • Please Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Safety Features: Chain Brake, Throttle trigger lockout,
  • Starter: Recoil
  • Warranty: Residential / Domestic Use Limited Warranty 5 Years Domestic Warranty – Conditions apply. Basic warranty = 2 years from date of purchase* – to the original purchaser only. * For domestic use only this period is extended for a further 3 years on a parts only basis for engine crankshaft, main bearings, piston, piston rings, needle roller bearings, cylinder and ignition coils provided efco® 2 stroke oil has been used exclusively during the warranty period. Commercial Use Limited Warranty 2 years from date of purchase – to the original purchaser only. Hire & Rental Application Limited Warranty 3 months from date of purchase – to the original purchaser only. Please Note: For further details on our warranty terms and conditions including all limitations and exclusions please refer to the warranty section on EFCO web site www.poweruplawncare.com.au


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